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The Catalyst

All artists were initially asked in 2020 to respond to the same theme.

  • We invited a diverse cohort of artists who've worked on Tangled Feet projects over the last few years to take part in the project. We made sure that the cohort of artists includes people of different disciplines, experience levels and backgrounds. Everyone working on the project will have worked with at least a handful of other creatives on the project. Some have worked on dozens of TF projects over a decade or more.

  • We offered them all a fee equivalent to six days at our normal flat rate for creative projects (£120/day)

  • We offered them a broad creative jumping-off point: (the catalyst, the straw that breaks the camel's back and instigates a change).

  • We convened everyone on a Zoom call, explained the plan and thrashed out some of the details together.

  • We invited them to think about working collaboratively or solo, to explore new ways of working, and to work in a way that felt fruitful and healthy at this difficult time.

  • We've planned an online sharing of scratch ideas for late September (with no prescription about what they should present or how, or in what form)

  • We've set everyone up on Slack so that they can cross fertilise their ideas and reach out for collaborators.

  • We've offered our support both technically and creatively over the next couple of months in whatever way the artists find useful.

"The catalyst: What is the the straw that breaks the camel's back and instigates a change?"


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