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Cellular-level R&D: the landscape of Lynne Fomo.

By Kat Joyce.

Throughout this year I've been diagnosed and treated for lymphoma (primary mediastinal B cell lymphoma to be exact. I've written a blog about my diagnosis and treatment on the main TF website here.

Cancer can be a really isolating and lonely journey at times, despite the wonderful support I've received. During the Devo Evo process I've done my own bit of (therapeutic) R and D, exploring through writing and images an alter-ego called Lynne Fomo who is making her own solitary way through a hostile landscape.

There's a Pinterest board that I've built here

Lynne Fomo

Lynne Fomo has got no time for any shit.

She doesn't know how much time she has left

She is entirely alone in an alien landscape

Lynne Fomo is going to go six rounds in the ring; tooth and claw

Lynne Fomo howls at the moon

Lynne Fomo wrangles horses

She drinks bone broth and wears animal skin

Lynne Fomo can stick a needle in you and not flinch

Lynne Fomo has a poisonous serpent in her chest coiled around her vena cava

She surveys the sudden violence which is occurring at a cellular level

Lynne Fomo has seen soldiers being annihilated with flamethrowers and nerve gas on the battlefields

Lynne Fomo has turned her body inside out.

Lynne Fomo is eyeliner and fierce shoulder pads

She has wigs that are three times the width of her head and twice the height

Lynne Fomo wallows unapologetically in the unbridled and unironic maudlin emotion of country and western songs

She sears fish over flames

She has a direct line into the vein

She's bald as a coot but has strong eyebrow game

Lynne Fomo gave her hair away to the birds

Lynne Fomo knows the calls of all the different owls

She knows thousands of species of plant and animal

She knows hundreds of 1980s power ballads

She knows the back streets and rat runs of South London

She knows how to find her way from the port to a bar that's open in any city

Lynne Fomo knows what time of day or night it is without a watch

Lynne Fomo has bruised veins instead of tattoos

Lynne Fomo wants to lose her mind in a blitz of alcohol and drugs and a packed crowd of sweating surging bodies

She takes the mantilla and grieves her past life with furious stamping

She lies motionless in bed for days at a time

Lynne Fomo goes on the rampage

Lynne Fomo will put you out of your misery

Lynne Fomo is a vessel full of hope


I've also returned to visual art during this time. I spent an interesting bit of around Easter, missing the Semana Santa processions in Seville which I normally try to join Al for, creating a self-portrait as grieving Mary. I dressed up and then took photos of myself while self-administering an injection (one of the least favourite bits of my day at the time) and then used them as the basis for a sketch.

I'm not sure what the next steps for Lynne Fomo are. I'm interested in exploring the hostile landscape she inhabits in an abstract form, and am currently joining Al online to explore some abstract painting techniques....

By Kat Joyce, Co-Artistic Director of Tangled Feet


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