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Phase 1: Summer 2020

The first phase of Devolution Evolution took place in Summer 2020.

As well as video sharings, we encountered readings, presentations, drawings & talks from the 30+ artists that took part in Phase 1. Some artists couldn't carry on with the second and third phase of the project but we wanted to share some of their work to celebrate all the brilliant contributions so far. It is now nearing 40 individual artists!

Below you can listen to Joshua Gadsby's poem entitled 'A List of Places I Have Avoided This Creative Commission' which he read live at our digital sharing in Lockdown in September 2020. Josh is a designer and has worked with Tangled Feet as a lighting designer, so it was great to see an artist exploring other realms of their creativity as part of this process.

Most of the digital sharings from the first phase of Devolution Evolution can be watched on our YouTube channel. Here is another video from Phase 1 last Summer, by our long time collaborator, performer, writer, musician, director - the multi-talent that is John Hinton. Here he discusses process. . .

More information on all the artists sharing in Luton (July 2021) coming soon. . .


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