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Pop Up Performance Shop Returns

There’s going to be a touch of the funny, strange and beautiful in The Mall, Luton this August bank holiday as Tangled Feet’s pop up performance shop opens its shutters.

Local Luton theatre company Tangled Feet has commissioned a menu of short performances to fill an empty shop with artistic offerings that you don’t have to pay for. Taking a range of multimedia and interactive forms, you can expect something for every palate.

Expect a musical take on social media filters, interactive video, an exploration of identity through interview and dance, clowns taking over the kitchen, video games coming to life, a local poet throwing down the gauntlet and a celebration of owning the room.

Six brand new performances, all between 5 and 15 minutes, will repeat during the day between 10am and 5pm.

“We are so excited to be bringing this menu of new work to The Mall this August Bank Holiday. This has been an opportunity to really let some creative flames burn and to finally bring together collaborators who’ve so far only met and worked together on Zoom. We can’t wait to unveil what they’ve cooked up…” Kat Joyce, Co-Artistic Director of Tangled Feet

“At a time when we are looking for things to unite us in communal spaces, for empty shops to be filled with new life and for quality performance to be accessible for free during financially challenging times we are really pleased to be partnering with The Mall to offer this incredible line up of the fun, the strange and the poetic. Come and check it out!" Nathan Curry, Co-Artistic Director of Tangled Feet

“We can’t wait for the pop-up performance shop to reopen its shutters. Tangled Feet have curated an exciting programme which we are sure our guests will love. We hope people will stop by and take a moment out of everyday life to enjoy some of these wonderful free performances”, Roy Greening, General Manager for The Mall Luton


Lee Nelson: Move No Stones

Move No Stones was originally a sign, then it was a poem, then it was some drawings, then it was a film - now it's a performance and, with any luck, a sign again - pointing a way forward. Asking you to go-see-do yourself . . .

Performed by Shanez Pattni

Holding Space Collective: Who Are You….Really? Reimagined

Luton based Holding Space Collective are Lizzie Fretwell & Thomas Young. The piece will include the 'Who Are You...Really?' film featuring Luton residents aged under 25 and over 60 reflecting on identity, as well as live performance by Jason Kandaiah, who also featured in the original film.

Performed by Jason Kandaiah

John Hinton: The Algorithm Is Taking Over The Asylum (WIP Title) -

How much of your life is lived through social media? And what does it do to your mind, your friendships, your view of the world? This short solo multimedia show uses pumping beats, loop pedal madness and Snapchat face filter technology to explore both the dark and light sides of our relationships with our online alter-egos.

Performed by John Hinton

Shanez Pattni & Al Orange: A Brief History of Pride -

Aided by a guerrilla history programme, a young woman navigates the turbulent waters of self-doubt and impostor syndrome to discover the source of her pride. Featuring dance, video and animation. A collaboration between UK, France & Spain.

Performed by Shanez Pattni

Ankit Giri: New Reality (NR) -

In a virtual world anything is possible, including tiny engineers and massive glitches! Is VR about enhancing reality or escaping it? Bring your imaginations, bring your nan, bring your number one gaming fan, this fun filled physical theatre piece is suitable for all ages.

Performed by Ankit Giri, Charlotte Irwin & Lydia Harper

Lydia Harper: Cooking Up A Storm -

The phrase ‘Too Many Cooks’ has never been so true. Two competing chefs face kitchen nightmares as they whisk themselves into a frenzy of capers, cartwheels and food fights. It's a recipe for fun (with a dash of disaster!)

Performed by Ankit Giri, Charlotte Irwin & Lydia Harper

Pop Up Performance Shop

by Tangled Feet

The Mall, Luton

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2022

10am-5pm (Pop up performances all day)


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