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Since the 2020 lockdown, which had a huge effect on theatre’s freelancers, Tangled Feet have been commissioning and supporting their network of artists to develop, create and lead their own work. 

The result has been an exciting journey of devolving and sharing creative power - a project we’ve called ‘Devolution Evolution’.

In the summer of 2021, as cultural buildings reopened, we shared more than 20 pieces in Luton in an ‘open house of ideas’ at Hat Works (before it officially opened in Autumn 2021) and also at a shopfront in The Mall, Luton.

This summer, we’ve continued the journey by commissioning artists to step into their power and create short works that capture an audience in a shopping mall.
If you had 10 minutes, what would you say?

Join us at The Mall, Luton
27th + 28th August 2022
10am-5pm - Pop Up Performances throughout the day.


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Tangled Feet create original, visually stunning, transformative performances, sometimes inside theatres but often in other public spaces. We create atmospheres and experiences for the audience which are thrilling, surprising and memorable, which always feel 'live' and in the moment, where the unique reality of this audience, in this moment, right here is acknowledged and celebrated.

Tangled Feet are based in Luton.

C/O Hat Factory Arts Centre, Bute Street, Luton LU1 2ET


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